Monday, October 8, 2012

FsRaas V2.0

FsRaas (Runway Awareness and Advisory System for FSX/FS2004) V2.0

Thanks for so many feedbacks from FsRaas V1.1 users!
They helped me a lot to make upgraded FsRaas V2.0.

The Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS) is an electronic detection system developed by Honeywell.
It provides flight crew members with information concerning the aircraft's position relative to an airport's runway
during taxi, takeoff, final approach, landing and rollout to improve situational awareness and reduce the likelihood of a runway incursion.

FsRaas V2.0 includes following RAAS functions :
Approaching Runway(On Ground), On Runway, Takeoff Flaps, Extended Hold On Runway,
Short Runway Takeoff, Distance Remaining(Rejected Takeoff), Taxiway Takeoff,
Approaching Runway(Landing), Short Runway Landing, Taxiway Landing,
Distance Remaining(Landing & Rollout), Runway End(<100 feet), Landing Flaps,
Too High, Too Fast, Unstable, Deep Landing, Distance Remaining(Long Landing).

It also provides landing report which displays <V/S at touchdown>,
<Touchdown Distance>, <Centerline Deviation> after vacating runway.

To watch FsRaas video demo, please visit "" and "".
To learn more about Honeywell RAAS, please visit "".

----- CHANGE NOTES (from V1.1) -----------------------------------------

1. Approaching Runway : Delays between callouts are reduced.
2. On Runway : Delays between callouts are reduced.
3. Takeoff Flaps : Minimum takeoff flaps can be set in "FsRaas.ini".
4. Extended Hold On Runway : Implemented. Maximum hold time can be set in "FsRaas.ini".
5. Short Runway Takeoff : Added. Minimum takeoff runway length can be set in "FsRaas.ini".
6. Distance Remaining (Rejected Takeoff) : This callout is made only during braking, not during taking-off.
7. Taxiway Takeoff : Repeated callout is made when accelerating > 40kts again after reducing speed < 40kts.
8. Short Runway Landing : Added. Minimum landing runway length can be set in "FsRaas.ini".
9. Distance Remaining : Distance unit can be set in "FsRaas.ini". (in Feet or in Meters)
10. Landing Flaps : Added. Minimum landing flaps can be set in "FsRaas.ini".
11. Too High : Added. This callout is made when descent angle > 4.5 deg.
12. Too Fast : Added. Maximum approach ground speed can be set in "FsRaas.ini".
13. Unstable : Added.
14. Landing Report : Added.

----- REMARKS ABOUT OPTIMIZATION -----------------------------------------

I tried my BEST to optimize this program and minimize the FPS drop,
because my computer doesn't have high performance (I'm running NGX with i3 2100), and I'm an embedded system engineer. :)

FsRaas is developed in C++, and main logic runs every 1 sec (on ground) or 5 sec (in flight) or 200 msec (during landing).
If anybody experiences FPS drop using FsRaas, please let me know.

----- INSTALLATION -----------------------------------------

No installation or setup process is required. Just unzip and run "FsRaas20.exe".
Runway position data file("r4.csv") and configuration file("FsRaas.ini") should be in same folder with FsRaas20.exe.

<IMPORTANT!> FSUIPC version 3.987 and 4.609 or later should be installed.

----- HOW TO USE -------------------------------------------

Run "FsRaas20.exe" before or after running Flight Simulator.
It automatically connects with FS and make sounds when needed.

----- TO USE WITH ADD-ON SCENERY ---------------------------

To use at airport where add-on scenery is installed,
- Download "MakeRwys" utility at Peter Dowson's homepage (
- Put it at FS root folder and run.
- "r4.csv" will be generated. Copy "r4.csv" to FsRaas folder(overwrite the old).

 * To improve performance, it is recommended to remove too short runways
   by opening "r4.csv" with Excel, sorting by runway length(column G), and deleting short runways(e.g. <5000ft).

----- OTHERS -----------------------------------------------

Sounds are recorded from "" and "".
If there is a copyright problem, please let me know.

----- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -------------------------------------

Honeywell (SmartRunway & SmartLanding system)
Peter Dowson (FSUIPC & MakeRwys)
Hyundai Motor Company
Korean Air
Thank you!

Enjoy safe flight with modern technology!

Dongjin Shin
June 2012


  1. Hi, I don't seem to figure out how to see the landing report when I finish the flight. Any help would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards,
    Grizz Wallace KSEA

    1. Hi! Landing report is displayed just after vacating the runway. Start from flying higher than 2000ft, then land, and get out of the runway further than 200ft, then landing report will be seen.

      Best Regards,
      Dongjin Shin

  2. Hi Dongjin,
    I am the kind of guy who struggles to make things work before I bother the developer but FSRaas has me stumped. All of my fellow simmers have installed it with no problems and love it. I, however, have installed it into FSX Acceleration and get no sounds. I have followed the instructions for operation, have the latest FSUIPC (registered) and have even run MakeRWYS. No luck.
    Can you help me out on this?
    Best regards,
    Verne Cotton
    Murray, UT, USA

    1. Hi Verne!
      I'm sorry that FsRaas didn't work for you.
      Most common case was old version FSUIPC, but you have latest.
      Then please check these things out.

      - When you start to move the aircraft and in FsRaas window it says "Updated X runways.", it's successfully connected with FS.

      - Sound files (*.wav) are in same folder as FsRaas20.exe, and its path(e.g. D:\xxx\yyy\FsRaas) doesn't include rather than english(ASCII) characters.

      - In [Sounds] section of "FSUIPC.ini" (in FS folder\Modules), Your sound card is properly detected.

      - If you use Win 7, run FsRaas in WinXP Compatible mode. And someone said that he moved FsRaas folder inside of FS folder (e.g. FS folder\FsRaas), and it worked well. I think it's a kind of Win7's file access right problem.

      I hope it works. Thanks.
      Dongjin Shin
      Seoul, Korea

  3. Hi Dongin,
    Thanks for your amazingly fast response. My friend who turned me on to this program says it works perfectly for him.
    I will carefully follow up with all of your suggestions and get back with you, because I am really anxious to use your program.
    Best regards,

  4. Hello again, Dongin,

    Reporting back on my progress:
    I made the changes that you suggested, ran MakeRWY, and moved the folder entitled "FsRaas" to the FSX root directory, and ensured that all sound files were in the "FsRaas" folder.

    Here is how my sound cards appear in the FSUIPC ini file:

    Path=C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\Sound\
    Device1=Primary Sound Driver
    Device2=Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)
    Device3=Speakers (C-Media USB Audio Device )
    Device4=Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio)

    FSRaas connected and updated 51 runways at KDEN. I entered runway 17 and heard nothing. I took off and flew back to KDEN 16R for a full stop landing. Still no voice but got a report at the top of the screen complete with landing speed and downward velocity.

    FSRaas is connected and working as designed but without sound.


  5. Hurrah, Dongin!!
    I found the problem. I have a "Matrix" button on my speaker system. I simply turned it off and all is well.
    Life is good.

    1. Oh, I was looking for the cause of not working. I'm glad you found that. It can be reference for others. Enjoy RAAS!

  6. I just downloaded FsRaas 2.0 and have it installed on my PC, my FSUIPC is version and registered. I experienced a double aural warning when taxiing approaching a runway and nothing sounds when approaching to land on any runway.. can you help me?

    1. Hi! Are you playing FS2004? Please make sure you run MakeRwys and use FsRaas with your own r4.csv file. I'm looking for the reasons, so please tell me if you have other informations.

  7. Hello, first thanks for this wonderful program!
    One question, is it possible to change somehow the color of the landing report text?
    I use FSX on a big screen and can't identify the red on green letters...

    Thanks, best regards

    1. Hi Mirco!
      Please try this: Open FSX folder\modules\fsuipc.ini, and in [General] section, add "WhiteMessages=Yes".
      You can get report message in white color, it's much better than red.
      Thanks for using FsRaas!

    2. Thanks for the fast response, worked perfectly!!!

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  9. Hi,

    Great program, i do seem to have one issue. When flying at cruise FL380 I passed directly over a couple of airports and received warnings for the runways and takeoff flaps etc.
    Is there a way to disable this over a certain altitude?
    Running P3D


  10. Amazing program! Is there any way to turn off the landing report? It's good when I'm training my landing skills but I don't want it on all the time.


  11. my fsx closes when the the voice starts. what do you think the problem is???

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  13. This is happening since last year:

    335808 Sound: Ref 37, via IPC: Cmd=1, Wave="C:\MS_Games\FsRaas20\Approaching.wav"
    335808 Sound: Id 256, PlayNow("C:\MS_Games\FsRaas20\Approaching.wav")
    335808 Sound: Id 256, PlayTheSound("C:\MS_Games\FsRaas20\Approaching.wav")
    335823 ***ERROR C0000005 at 77B48E19 ProcessRequest
    335823 *** Access violation trying to write address 00000014
    335823 *** EAX 00000000 EBX FFFFFFFC ECX 00000000 EDX 00000004 EDI 5EAE5D6C ESI 5EAE5D68

    Did you know about this?

    Can you help?


  14. hi

    im running fs9 win7 FSUIPC 3.85

    im able to get the landing report the fsraas is able to connect on my FS but i get no sound please help :(((((

  15. Hi, I have a problem with V2. It only says approaching runway, but not the runway number. Also, i dont get warnings for taxiways. When I saw your addon it seemed like a godsend alternative to FS2Crews pricey RAAS, but i cant get your freeware to work :/ Any chance of fixing this? 

  16. Hello, i've got the same problem than "Tk R" has, since I've updated my FSUIPC to latest version "4.931", it only says "approaching", ...

    1. I had the same problem, seems it has to be a registered version of FSUIPC

  17. It's me again. First let me say that this is a wonderful program!!! I never fly without it. Gary Widup and I have convinced many of the other Mountain Air guys to use it too.
    Now for some technical stuff. I also know how to add runways to airports with Airport Design Editor. Unfortunately, FSRaas does not recognize the newly added KCLT 18R-36L but thinks that the newly changed 18C-36C is still 18R-36R. Do you or anyone else have the solution to this issue?
    Thanks everyone.
    Verne Cotton MTN005
    Mountain Air Virtual Airlines

  18. Sorry Dongin. I need to read the documentation (gasp!). I just ran Makerunways and all is okay. Again, thank you for your FSRaas!

  19. Can you help me with your program. I have done everything required, but all I get is "approaching" when nearing a runway, also I can get "taxiway" when going to fast, I get no other sounds
    I have the latest FSUIPC

  20. Using the latest FSUIPC and FSX I only heard "approaching" at departure TNCB and a report upon vacating the runway at TNCC.
    At TJSJ the same problem. For FSX it can't be used at all

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  22. Has anyone got this running successfully with WideFS? Would like to run this from a client computer. Using Jeehell FMGS. Regards.

  23. Dongjin,

    Does FsRaas V2.0 still work with FSUIPC4, Version 4.947c and up unregistered by Pete Dowson? You can check it in your system.



  24. Hi fellow, it will be nice to add a commad line option to start it minimized to system tray I.E. "FsRaas20.exe -min"