Monday, October 8, 2012

GETCha (Google Earth Taxi Chart Generator) V1.1

GETCha (Google Earth Taxi Chart Generator) for Flight Simulator V1.1

This is a simple utility to draw airport taxiway chart to view with Google Earth,
using Flight Simulator's AFCAD data.

It can generate taxiway chart of any airport in the world (as long as it exists in FS).
If it's hard or troublesome for you to find taxiway charts of
all the airports you visit, this utility can be helpful.

----- INSTALLATION -----------------------------------------

No installation or setup process is required. Just unzip and run "GETCha11.exe".
Taxiway data file("t5.csv") should be in same folder with the "GETCha11.exe" file.

Google Earth should be installed prior to running.

----- HOW TO USE -------------------------------------------

Run "GETCha11.exe", and enter ICAO code(4 digits) of the airport you want to see.
(e.g. RKSI, KLAX, EDDF, ...)
"TaxiChart_<Airport ICAO Code>.kml" file will be generated.
You can open it immediately or later with Google Earth.

Yellow thick line with red star paddle is long taxiway (>1km),
Green thin line with white paddle is short taxiway.

Chart is based on your AFCAD data,
so it can match a little bit inaccurately with Google Earth if your scenery is inaccurate (like FS default airport).

----- TO USE WITH ADD-ON SCENERY ---------------------------

To use at airport where add-on scenery is installed,
- Download "MakeRwys" utility at Peter Dowson's homepage (
- Put it at FS root folder and run.
- "t5.csv" will be generated. Copy "t5.csv" to GETCha folder (overwrite the old).

----- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -------------------------------------

Peter Dowson (MakeRwys)
Hyundai Motor Company, Korean Air

Enjoy your flight!

Dongjin Shin

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