Monday, October 8, 2012

FsTaxiNavi V1.0

Taxi Navigation (+Destination Weather Reporter) for FSX/FS2004 V1.0

Do you prepare airport charts of every airport you visit, or just follow the progressive taxi to do taxiing?
This utility will make taxiing easy and realistic by providing simple taxi navigation information in text.
While taxiing, press "Ctrl + Shift + X", then taxi navigation information will be displayed.
It includes current taxiway name, intersecting taxiways' name and distance.
(e.g. "On R7 : R2 (250m), R1 (643m), A (748m), A7 (748m)")

And one more thing, it also provides destination weather report.
It can be very helpful to set up exact T/D(Top of Descent), by assuming expected runway with wind information.
Enter destination airport before flight, and press "Ctrl + Shift + W" while flying,
then destination weather information will be displayed.
It looks like METAR and includes wind direction and speed, visibility, temperature, dew point and pressure.
(e.g. "RKPK 29403KT 47SM 32/23 1010mb")

----- INSTALLATION -----------------------------------------

No installation or setup process is required. Just unzip and run "FsTaxiNavi10.exe".
Taxiway data file("t5.csv") and configuration file("FsTaxiNavi.ini") should be in same folder with the "FsTaxiNavi10.exe" file.

FSUIPC should be installed.
In [General] section in "<FS Folder>/Modules/FSUIPC.ini" file,
it is recommended to add "WhiteMessages=Yes" to change text color from RED to WHITE, so that it's clearer to read.

----- HOW TO USE -------------------------------------------

Run "FsTaxiNavi10.exe" before or after running Flight Simulator.
It automatically connects with FS and works.

To use destination weather reporter function, enter destination airport ICAO code at the window.
(e.g. KLAX, EDDF, RKSI, ...)

While taxiing, press "Ctrl + Shift + X" and taxi navigation information will be displayed.
While flying, press "Ctrl + Shift + W" and destination weather report will be displayed.

You can change hot-key settings and display time by editing the configuration file("FsTaxiNavi.ini").

----- TO USE WITH ADD-ON SCENERY ---------------------------

To use at airport where add-on scenery is installed,
- Download "MakeRwys" utility at Peter Dowson's homepage (
- Put it at FS root folder and run.
- "t5.csv" will be generated. Copy "t5.csv" to FsTaxiNavi folder (overwrite the old).

----- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -------------------------------------

Peter Dowson (FSUIPC & MakeRwys)
Hyundai Motor Company, Korean Air

Enjoy your flight!

Dongjin Shin
August 2012

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