Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Lord of the Landing V1.7

Lord of the Landing V1.7 : Landing Training Environment for FSX.

A SimConnect application to help repeated landing training in various weather conditions,
and analyze and evaluate your landing data.

----- INSTALLATION -----------------------------------------

No installation or setup process is required. Just unzip and run "LoLa16.exe".
Runway data file("r4.csv") should be in same folder.

----- HOW TO USE -------------------------------------------

Run "LoLa16.exe" before or after running FSX. LoLa will connect to FSX automatically.
Main window consists of 3 areas : Position Set, Weather Set, Landing Report.

1. Position Set

You can move instantly to final approach course of ANY runway of ANY airport in the world.
Just enter ICAO code of the airport(e.g. RKSI, KLAX, EDDF), and select runway,
and select position (4NM, 8NM, 12NM straight, 12NM left, 12NM right),
and press SET! button.

Lord of the Landing Checklist will be displayed.
Pause FSX and press Ctrl + Shift + A to move to selected position.

Only aircraft position and airspeed is changed,
all other aircraft configurations(fuel, W&B, trim, power, flap, gear, ...) are kept same.

 * Tip : If crash occurs when set position on ground,
          use slew mode to go up and set position. (Y → F4 → Y → P → Ctrl + Shift + A)

2. Weather Set

You can change weather condition by setting METAR.
Press Load button to load preset file(*.metar).
Some example preset files(e.g. CAVOK, Windy, Rainy, Turbulence, Low Visibility) are included.
Change metar as you want and press Set button to set weather.

3. Landing Report

Make a landing and decelerate to the half of your landing airspeed,
then landing report will be displayed on both LoLa window and FSX screen(scrolling text).

Reported items and criteria are as below :
- Vertical Speed (ft/min) : 0~100 Perfect!, 100~200 Great, 200~350 Okay, >350 FAIL
- Flare Distance (ft) : 900~2000 Perfect!, 700~2600 Great, 500~3200 Okay, <500 or >3200 FAIL
- Centerline Deviation : 0~4 Perfect, 4~8 Great, 8~12 Okay, >12 FAIL
- Pitch (deg) : 2~6 Perfect!, 1~7 Great, 0.5~8 Okay, <0.5 or >8 FAIL
- Bank (deg) : ~1 Perfect!, 1~3 Great, 3~6 Okay, >6 FAIL
- Sideslip Angle (deg) : ~2 Perfect!, 2~5 Great, 5~10 Okay, >10 FAIL
- Max V/S (ft/min) : <1000 Pass(Stabilized Approach), >1000 FAIL

Press save button to save landing report to file.

 * Flare Distance means distance from RA 50ft to touchdown.
   Typically RA is 30~40ft when crossing the runway threshold,
   so distance from runway threshold to touchdown point is 200~300ft less than displayed flare distance.

 * Centerline Deviation is only reported when ILS(Localizer) is active.

 * If bounced during landing, Flare Distance is calculated on the last touchdown,
   but all other data are on the first touchdown.

----- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -------------------------------------

Korean Air    - for giving me chance of flying on real flight simulator
CAE Inc.      - for real flight simulator which inspired me to make LoLa
Peter Dowson  - for great MakeRwys utility
Thank you!

Enjoy and happy training!

Dongjin Shin


  1. How to make a shortcut please?

    1. right click on any file and you should see an option to create a shortcut

  2. For some reason I cant connect with fsx, is it suppose to be in the same folder as fsx?

  3. Will this program work in P3D

    Ken Alger

  4. Will this work in a normal environment?

  5. Good software for Home Flite Sim Users.
    Bravo and keep up good works.

  6. Great little utility, works well with P3Dv3

  7. By far, My favourite tool in FSX !!!
    Testing in FSX-SE and P3D.
    Thanks you so much.
    Where is your paypal donation buttom ?

    Paulo- Rio - Brazil

  8. This failed to work for me for FSX-SE. But it works in Acceleration.

    Has anyone managed to make it work with Steam Edition?

  9. 1/12/2017 Went to download from link above - Smart Screen filter says its unsafe to Download !
    Tried previous version and it doesn't appear to work in FSX Gold / Acceleration.
    Very Vague information on this program !
    Very little information on where exactly to install the program, by the developer or anybody else for that matter !
    With such Vague installation information, this program is useless !
    Wanna reply to this : Contact : Jetranger7777@hotmail.com

  10. Will there be an update for P3D v4 ?
    It worked just fine for version 3

  11. Hello

    Tested with P3DV4 - fully functional, however, only on server computer (PC with flight simulator installed) not client computer. Best, WilloW

    1. Hey, how do you select the flight sim? for me it sais not connected with fsx but i have p3d v4. can you help me out?

  12. Hello - I love your program! However, after a new install, I get the startup error "side-by-side configuration is incorrect". I can't figure out how to solve this. Any suggestions? Thank you!

  13. the problem is : everytime I finish landing his program force me to end the flight, so i cannot view instant replay.... how to fix this?

  14. It's not connecting with p3d please give me a solution to this.

  15. This is an amazing Add-on to FSX that I’ve just discovered. I’m a newbie to flying (preparing for my PPL) and using this add-on with FSX to practice landings. Questions: are the report parameters applicable to GA aircraft (eg PA28)? And... could someone explain ‘Pitch’ in the report. Is this the decent angle? (I’m getting good returns on the other parameters but not Pitch - always a Fail!!!). Look forward to replies. Happy flying.

  16. Thanks a lot it helps landing easily