Tuesday, May 1, 2012

FsRaas V1.1

FsRaas (Runway Awareness and Advisory System for FSX/FS2004) V1.1

The Runway Awareness and Advisory System (RAAS) is an electronic detection system developed by Honeywell.
It provides flight crew members with information concerning the aircraft's position relative to an airport's runway during taxi, takeoff, final approach, landing and rollout to improve situational awareness and reduce the likelihood of a runway incursion.

FsRaas V1.1 includes following functions :
Approaching Runway(On Ground), On Runway, Takeoff Flaps,
Distance Remaining(Rejected Takeoff), Taxiway Takeoff,
Approaching Runway(Landing), Taxiway Landing,
Distance Remaining(Landing & Rollout), Runway End(<100 feet),
Deep Landing, Distance Remaining(Long Landing)

To watch FsRaas demo, please visit "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dUH7gAj24MY".
To learn more about Honeywell RAAS, please visit "https://honeywellrunwaysafety.com/demos.php".

----- INSTALLATION -----------------------------------------

No installation or setup process is required. Just unzip and run "FsRaas11.exe".
Runway position data file("r4.csv") should be in same folder.
FSUIPC should be installed.

----- HOW TO USE -------------------------------------------

Run "FsRaas11.exe" before or after running Flight Simulator.
It automatically connects with FS and make sounds when needed.

----- TO USE WITH ADD-ON SCENERY ---------------------------

To use at airport where add-on scenery is installed,
- Download "MakeRwys" utility at Peter Dowson's homepage (http://www.schiratti.com/dowson.html).
- Put it at FS root folder and run.
- "r4.csv" will be generated. Copy "r4.csv" to FsRaas folder(overwrite the old).

 * To improve performance, it is recommended to remove too short runways
   by opening "r4.csv" with Excel, sorting by runway length(column G),
   and deleting short runways(e.g. <5000ft).

----- OTHERS -----------------------------------------------

Sounds are recorded from "https://honeywellrunwaysafety.com/demos.php" and "http://imtranslator.net/translate-and-speak".
If there is a copyright problem, please let me know.

----- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -------------------------------------

Honeywell - SmartRunway & SmartLanding system
Peter Dowson - FSUIPC & MakeRwys
Thank you!

Enjoy and happy flight!

Dongjin Shin
May 2012


  1. Doesn't work here. I've landed in 3 differente airports, but doesn't speak anything. All the download content was putted in "FSX" folder, and the "exe" file was executed, the message "Connected with FS" appears, but no sound is played in taxi, or high speeds, or landing in runways provided with ILS.

  2. Thank you for your great job. Same problème here Program message is ok (Updated 11 runways. for exemple) But no sounds playing. I'd try with FS2004 and FsX with different airports no succès.

  3. Dear Dongjin,

    I have found and installed you programm RAAS v 1.1.
    I figured out, when running on an machine with WideFS I don't get an audio
    When I run the programm directly on my FS machine it's working.
    Do you have a solution for that? I want to use it in my homecockpit and for
    this reason I want to play the sound withanother machine than my FS machine.

    Thanks a lot for your help,


  4. Sorry for the late reply.
    Please check these things if FsRaas doesn't make any sounds,

    - Sound files (*.wav) are in same folder as FsRaas11.exe,
    and its path doesn't include rather than english(ASCII) characters.
    - Latest version of FSUIPC is installed. (FSUIPC sound interface requires version 3.987 and 4.609 or later.)
    - In [Sounds] section of "FSUIPC.ini" (FS folder\Modules\), your sound card is properly detected.

  5. Doesn't work for me either

    Tried severals airports (default and addon with the MakeRwys.exe thing), never heard a single sound.

  6. Hey

    I Have the same problem not sound, but update to FSUIPC 4.7 and now work perfect

  7. Hello and thanks,i have the same problem,no sound even with the FSUIPC 4.8,i do everything you said and nothing and i tried 3 or 4 airports just in case and nothing,any tips

  8. What Windows you have, if have Win7 Run application like administrator

  9. Other Tip if, you have win7 install fsuipc like Administrator

  10. How can i increase the sound volume?

  11. Very good. Thank you for developing this

  12. It works nicely. Thank you very much.

  13. The solution to the problem in FS9 is that you need to copy the FsRaas file INSIDE your MODULE folder in fs9 ( In module folder we have FSUIPC )

  14. Thanks very much, works fine on Win7 with FS9, no problems.