Monday, April 23, 2012

FsGeoNavi (Geography Navigation for FS2004/FSX) V1.0

Don't you get bored when in cruise flight you have nothing to do and don't know where you are?
Then study world geography with FsGeoNavi program!
It provides POI(Point of Interest) information text display in FS screen.
POI includes countries, cities, mountains around your aircraft.
Display example :
   "Largest City : [2 o'clock, 75 NM] Seoul (Korea) - 10349312 people",
   "Nearest Mountain : [9 o'clock, 50NM] Mount RAINIER (Washington (USA)) - 4393m".
Works with both FS2004 and FSX.

----- INSTALLATION -----------------------------------------
No installation or setup process is required. Just unzip and run "FsGeoNavi10.exe".
Data files("FsGeoNavi_Cities.csv", "FsGeoNavi_Mountains.csv", "FsGeoNavi_Others.csv")
 should be in same folder.

----- HOW TO USE -------------------------------------------
- Run "FsGeoNavi10.exe" before running FS.
- Choose FS Connection (SimConnect or FSUIPC) according to your FS version.
- Enter Scan Range in NM. (Distance to POIs)
  * Front Only : Scan POIs only at 9~12~3 o'clock direction
  * Front & Back : Scan all direction
- Enter Suppress altitude in feet,
  not to be bothered by FsGeoNavi messages in busy phases of flight.
 (e.g. Sterile Cockpit below 10,000 feet)
- Enter Display Time and Display Period in seconds.
- Check type of POI to display.
  (Largest City, Nearest City, Highest Mountain, Nearest Mountain, Greatest Others, Nearest Others)
- Run FS and fly above suppress altitude to get POI information periodically.
----- POI DATA --------------------------------------------
City data contains 2016 world cities whose population is more than 200,000.
  (Source :
Mountain data contains Top 100 world summits
  (Source :,
 and 355 Ultras in North America
  (Source :,
 and 3 Ultras in Korea.

 * An ultra prominent peak, or Ultra for short, is a mountain
   with a topographic prominence of 1,500 metres (4,921 ft) or more.

Other data is currently empty.
User can freely add or modify data(.csv file) with MS Excel or text editor.
  (e.g. Greatest rivers, lakes, buildings, historic sites, ...)

----- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -------------------------------------
Peter Dowson  - for great FSUIPC
Thank you!

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  1. Thanks planeman, your programs for the FSX community really impress!

    1. Thanks for using my program and giving me feedback!

  2. It's a very nice program!!! Thanks for sharing it... Please keep on!