Monday, April 23, 2012

VDGS(Visual Docking Guidance System) for FSX/FS2004 V1.1

A SimConnect application to simulate VDGS system which helps aircraft to dock
at the exact position in front of the airport gate.
It provides azimuth guidance, digital countdown, closing rate bar, "STOP" / "OK" / "TOO FAR" sign.
You can use VDGS service at ANY gate of ANY airport in the world.
Works with both FS2004 and FSX.

----- INSTALLATION -----------------------------------------
No installation or setup process is required. Just unzip and run "FsVdgs11.exe".
Gate position data file("g5.csv") should be in same folder.

----- HOW TO USE -------------------------------------------
- After landing and getting gate assigned by ATC,
- (Important!) If FS is running in FULL-SCREEN mode,
  switch to WINDOW mode. (Press Alt + Enter)
  * VDGS can NOT be displayed if FS is in FULL-SCREEN mode.
- Run "FsVdgs11.exe".
- Enter airport ICAO code, select gate, and press Set! button.
- Return to FS and continue taxi.
- As you approach the gate, VDGS display window will be automatically appear in top-left of screen.
  * If distance is less than about 100m and difference between aircraft heading and gate direction is
     less than 45 degrees.
  * Type of aircraft is automatically detected and displayed. (e.g. B738, B744, A321)
- Follow azimuth guidance :
    The yellow arrow shows position in relation to the center line.
    The red arrow indicates the direction to steer.
- If distance is < 20m, vertical closing rate bar represents the distance from stop.
- When you see "STOP", stop the aircraft.
- It's a success if you see "OK", but it's a failure if you see "TOO FAR".
  * Success condition : distance is < 50cm and heading error is < 2deg.
----- TO USE WITH ADD-ON SCENERY ---------------------------
To use at airport where add-on scenery is installed,
- Download "MakeRwys" utility at Peter Dowson's homepage(
- Put it at FS root folder and run.
- "g5.csv" will be generated. Copy "g5.csv" to FsVdgs folder(overwrite the old).

----- OTHERS -----------------------------------------------
Referenced VDGS display is SafeDock system by Safegate.

----- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -------------------------------------
Peter Dowson  - for great MakeRwys utility and FSUIPC
SafeGate      - for VDGS display reference
Thank you!

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  2. it wont work on FSX steam edition...
    it says "Cannot connect to FS2004"