Thursday, April 25, 2013

FsTakeoffTrainer V1.0

With FsTakeoffTrainer, you can easily try real-world airline simulator training in FSX!

Adverse weather (Wind: Calm/Light/Max Crosswind/Turbulence, Visibility: 1/8SM~20SM, Condition: Rain/Snow/Thunderstorm)
and Engine failure (before or after V1, left or right)
can be generated by this simple utility with only a few clicks.

Sim training scenario examples are :
 - Max crosswind takeoff and landing
 - Low visibility, Engine failure before V1 to RTO(Rejected Takeoff)
 - Low visibility, Engine failure after V1 to takeoff and landing with 1 engine
 - Manual landing with low visibility and turbulence

It is also highly recommended to use with LoLa(Lord of the Landing) to practice landing in adverse weather.

You can edit file "Weather.csv" to change default settings.

----- HOW TO USE ---------------------------------------

Just download, unzip (to any folder), and run FsTakeoffTrainer10.exe (before or after running FS),
that's all!

FSX with SP2 should be installed.

Enjoy flight training for better safety!

Dongjin Shin
Seoul, Korea

<Download Here>


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