Sunday, March 10, 2013

FsGoogleEarthView V1.1

FsGoogleEarthView enables Flight Simulator VFR flight with realistic Google Earth view!

With FsGoogleEarthView, you can take both :
 - Google Earth's great satellite photoreal ground, 3D Buildings, detailed terrain mesh
    (No need of FS's ground textures or autogen buildings)

 - Flight Simulator's great flight model, flight instruments, add-on aircrafts, add-on airport sceneries

with no downloading and very short loading time, anywhere in the world!

It will provide more enjoyable and realistic VFR flight than any other sceneries.
It works with both FSX and FS2004.

For more information, please visit FsGoogleEarthView homepage.

Download link


  1. how can I buy / register FsGoogleEarthView v1.1

    web page dosnt have a buy it no option

    and no buy it now option in program its self

    my email is:

  2. hi again

    just made a $8.00 usd donation

    is that enough for you to send me reg / key for

    let me know please


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. hello

    just seen the cost or fsgoogle earth view was $15

    so have just sent you a donation payment for $15 as full payment for fsgoogleearthview or you to send me the registration key details

    please can you check your paypal as there a message attached with instructions to send the reg key details


  5. Does anyone want to sell there fully working registration key for fsgoogle earthview ??

    if so I can send $20 usd via paypal for it to be transfered

    let me know via email


    1. or if better

      I can send upto $40 usd via paypal

      for a registrion code to be transfered

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