Sunday, December 30, 2012

FsMobileMap V1.0

FsMobileMap displays map around your aircraft position on your mobile devices.
In addition, it displays taxiway information and gate position on the map if the aircraft is on ground.

FsMobileMap is extremely lightweight so it has nearly no effect on FS performance.
It works with any mobile devices(Smartphone or tablet, Android or iOS).
You don't need to install any mobile apps, but can just use the web browser(Chrome or Safari).
It uses Microsoft Bing map service.
It works with both FSX and FS2004.

----- INSTALLATION -----------------------------------------

No installation or setup process is required. Just unzip and run "FsMobileMap10.exe".
Data files("r4.csv", "g5.csv", "t5.csv") and configuration file("FsMobileMap.ini")
should be in the same folder with the exe file.

FSUIPC should be installed.

----- HOW TO USE -------------------------------------------

Your PC and mobile device should be connected to a same network.
(e.g. Wi-fi via Home router)

Run "FsMobileMap10.exe", and your IP address will be shown.

With your mobile device(Android, iPhone, iPad, ...), run web browser(Chrome or Safari),
connect to your IP address, and map will be displayed.

If on ground, it detects current airport automatically and displays taxiway information.
(After landing, press Refresh button on the browser.)

To display gate position, click "Gate" checkbox and select gate, and refresh on the browser.

----- CONFIGURATION -------------------------------------------

It can be configured by editing "FsMobileMap.ini".
- ForcedIpAddress : Your ip address(e.g. ""), if FsMobileMap cannot detect it automatically.
- Short : Short taxiway length(in meter). Short taxiway(x < Short) has 1 marker at the middle.
- Long : Long taxiway length(in meter). Medium taxiway(Short < x < Long) has 2 markers at the both ends. Long taxiway(x > Long) has 3 markers at the middle and the both ends.

----- ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS -------------------------------------

Microsoft for Bing Map
Hyundai Motor Company, Korean Air

Enjoy your flight!

Dongjin Shin
December 2012

<Download at>


  1. Amazing tool!!!
    two questions.
    1) how do I change the size of my airplane to be smaller? it is huge.
    2) is there a way to set the Map to track the airplane?
    now I always need to move the map every-time the airplane leaves the tablet map screen (flight progress).
    is there a way to make the plane always the center of the map and let the map move during flight progress?

    1. Here are answers to your questions,
      1) Airplane icon size is currently fixed. Bing Map api seems not to support size change. I'm trying to find a way.
      2) It's not hard to make it moves map automatically to keep plane at the center, but then user cannot move the map to look around. In next version, I'll add a button to select auto move enable/disable.
      Thanks for nice feedback!

  2. omg dude im trying it right now i cant wait for an update simply amazing hats off :)

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